Forgiveness and Your Future

On Sunday November 16, Bishop Roderick Mitchell preached a sermon titled, “Forgiveness and Your Future part 3.” 

In This Sermon Bishop Mitchell taught the New Life Congregation that forgiveness is not only a commandment from The Lord, but it plays a key role in determining your future. Bishop went on to express that Jesus paid a ransom for each of us, and forgave each of our sins. 

The English word for redemption comes from the greek apolutrosis (apö-lu-tro-sis), which means, Ransom paid in full. Apolutrosis also means deliverance and freedom due to payment of the ransom. 

Bishop went on to express that we not only have to forgive to move on with our lives, we also have to stop labeling people. Bishop used the example of “The Prodigal Son” to share with the congregation that God never called the young man “prodigal.” He went on to explain that the word prodigal is never mention in the bible. 

This sermon will be available for purchase soon.